1. SCT Asst.Sub Inspectors(FPB- Photography)

2. SCT Asst.Sub Inspectors(FPB)

3. SCT Police Constables Tailor (PTO) for Men

4. SCT Police Constables Carpenters (PTO) for Men

5. SCT Police Constables Blacksmith (PTO) for Men

6. SCT Police Constables Drivers (PTO) for Men

7. SCT Constables Mechanics (PTO) for Men

8. SCT Sub-Inspector,Police Transport Organisation for Men

9. SCT Police Constables Fitter, Electricains (Men) only.

10. SCT Police Constables (Men &Women) Communications

11. Asst. Sub-Inspectors of Police (Men &Women) Communications

12. Sub-Inspectors of Police (Men &Women) Communications

13. SCT Police Constables (Women) for Civil & Armed Reserve in Police Department.

14. SCT Police Constables (Men) for Civil, Armed Reserve & A.P. Special Police Battalions in Police Department.

15. SCT Sub Inspectors of Police (Women) for Civil only

16. SCT Sub Inspectors of Police (Men) of Civil, Armed Reserve, A.P. Special Police Battalions in Police Department.